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Veganismo: A Maneira Nobre de Viver

My Vegan Journey - Luisa - Taking Back Control of Your Health, Part 2 of 2



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The key to making sure we get the right amount of healthy nutrients into our bodies is to consume organically grown plants. Luisa made sure that she did just that! "Well, I try to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, and I subscribe to a box scheme. I order the ‘Eco-box’ (organic vegetable box), but there are also many supermarkets with vegan offerings where I get food from."

With her heightened awareness about the impact of food choices on the environment, Luisa emphasizes the importance of consuming local produce. "I get locally grown vegetables through the box scheme. My priority is to eat what grows in our area because I grew up here and that's what my body is used to. In addition, everything that is imported goes through quite a long journey, and are bound to lose their vitamins, etc. And the long-distance transport also affects the environment."

Regarding more external influence on veganism, Luisa suggests how a country’s health system should also play a part. "I would also love to see our health system, that is, health insurance companies, support a healthy vegan lifestyle."

When asked about the importance of having the right motivation to go vegan, Luisa had some very wise advice for those looking to make the change to a vegan lifestyle. "I would recommend a vegan diet. In the end, however, I think everyone has to decide for themselves what they want to do and what they want in their life."

The plant-based diet is considered and confirmed for protection against severe COVID-19. The data was collected from six countries and the analysis is published in the May issue of BMJ Nutrition, Prevention, and Health.

Here is one of many warnings Master has already given the world back in 2009. "The diseases, global warming, and the untold effects, these are all the signs, a preview, pre-warning of our planet’s future." It's all about energy. Negative or positive, like energy attracts like-energy. Like in Buddhism, we talk about karmic retribution or in Christianity about sowing and reaping."

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