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Cherishing All Sentient Beings: “Talk to the Animals” and “The Animal Communicator”

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Let’s first take a look at “Talk to the Animals,” a short film directed by Charlie Picerni and written by Gregory Crosby and Spice Williams-Crosby. The film begins as a lady feeds her dog in a park. She appears to live there with a few simple belongings. In a flashback, we learn that her name is Lucy. Lucy has been diagnosed with brain cancer and dementia, and she knows that her life on Earth may soon come to a close. She has had a great life with her beloved husband, who has now passed away, and her daughter, Janet, has grown to be a thriving, successful woman. Lucy feels that it is time to live the life that she really wants – to be one with nature, in solitude, and amongst the animals that she so loves.

“The Animal Communicator” focuses on brilliant conservationist Anna Breytenbach in South Africa. Having dedicated her life to interspecies communication, Anna believes that humanity is suffering a major separation from nature, which has led to many disasters and destruction on Earth. If we could better understand our animal friends, we would be able to heal ourselves.

“Talk to the Animals” and “The Animal Communicator” are two extraordinary films that show us how intelligent, patient, kind, and forgiving our animal friends are. When we connect with their beautiful spirits and adopt the harmonious, life-affirming vegan way, we can foster a peaceful world where all beings, both human and animal alike, may co-exist in understanding and love.

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