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Natural Inspiration: “My Octopus Teacher” and “Gaia”

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Today we present two inspirational films about Mother Nature: “My Octopus Teacher” and “Gaia.” When Craig Foster, a filmmaker, videographer, and diver, experiences a very tough time in life, he can hardly work and finds it difficult to be a good father. He knows a radical change is needed. Following an inner calling to go to the ocean, he moves back to the place where he spent his childhood, happily playing in the waters off the west coast of South Africa, known as the “Cape of Storms.” After a while he even starts to take images and films again, things he gave up some time ago. He is healed by nature, and many more surprises await his discovery in this intriguing film. “My Octopus Teacher” is directed and written by Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed, and produced and narrated by Craig Foster. This extraordinary documentary moves audience’s hearts and motivates viewers to think deeply about our relationship with nature and how our animal friends may nurture humankind in their own unique and special ways. Our next documentary, “Gaia,” takes us to many remarkable places to explore our relationship with Mother Earth. Canadian composer and filmmaker Jennifer Athena Galatis and German cinematographer and director Dominique Müller co-produced this fantastic movie over three years, travelling and filming all over the world. The audience is treated to this and so much more in a little over an hour – a fantastic journey around our splendid planet. Unlike most documentaries, “Gaia” has no narration; it is the spectacular video footage and inspiring melodies that speak directly to our hearts.
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