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The Honorable Maneka Gandhi (vegan) and People for Animals, Part 1 of 2



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Ms. Gandhi is a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion recipient who founded the caring nonprofit organization People for Animals (PFA) in 1994. It is currently India’s largest animal welfare organization. Working nationwide, PFA aspires to establish an animal welfare center in each of India’s 600 districts.

She is an exceptional and compassionate lady. Born in Delhi, India, she married into the politically influential Gandhi family. This benevolent leader has been a minister in four Indian governments and is currently a member of India’s parliament. She is not only a famous politician but also an involved activist focusing on animal-people welfare issues.

India’s first and oldest animal-people shelter was built by Ms. Gandhi and is called the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre, which is the largest hospital-and-shelter in the whole of India and perhaps Asia. Over the years, the shelter has been home to an average of 3,000 residents, with facilities to rescue, treat, and rehabilitate animal-people.

Ms. Gandhi uses her political muscle to protect our animal-people friends. She pursues new government laws and regulations to boost their welfare, such as those preventing the dairy industry from using a certain drug on cow-persons. Ms. Gandhi achieved great feats during her time as Minister for Animal Welfare and Minister for Environment and Forests. Whenever needed, she does not hesitate to take actions to protect animal-people.

In 2010, Supreme Master Ching Hai presented the Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion to the Honorable Maneka Gandhi, along with a US$20,000 humble contribution. Ms. Gandhi, in turn, transferred the funds to PFA. A letter from Master to Ms. Gandhi stated: “Thank you for all you have already done to ennoble humanity by awakening us to universal kindness and the wisdom of compassion.” In 2018, Master kindly donated US$20,000 to People for Animals. Over the years, Master has contributed a total of US$40,000 towards Ms. Gandhi’s charitable work.

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