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The Journey After Life: “Soul” and “Hereafter”

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Today, we are going to present two inspirational films about the mystery of the afterlife, namely “Soul” and “Hereafter.” Let’s first take a look at “Soul.” Joe Gardner is a middle school music teacher in New York City, yet what he really wants is to be a jazz musician. In shock and not ready to accept death just as his lifelong dreams had come true, Joe manages to escape and ends up in a region called “The Great Before.” Full of twists and turns, this fantastic new Disney film, produced in 2020 by Pixar Animation Studio, takes us on a special journey filled with hearty laughter and valuable lessons.

In the movie “Hereafter,” Marie Lelay, a French television journalist, is hit by the 2004 tsunami while vacationing in Thailand. Swallowed by the wave but rescued later, Marie has a vision of people standing in a realm of light. Another character, George Lonegan, is an American with the ability to communicate with the deceased and passes on messages to their living relatives or friends. In London, we meet 12-year-old twins Jason and Marcus, who are trying very hard to stay with their mother, who has serious substance abuse issues. One day, when Jason goes to pick up the detox prescription for his mother, he loses his life in an accident. Marcus is devastated by the tragic news. When he is moved to a foster family, he seldom talks anymore and tries everything he can to reach Jason in the other world. As we watch these three stories converge and the characters’ lives entwine, “Hereafter” is both a thought-provoking and inspiring movie, leaving viewers to contemplate the afterlife awaiting us.

“Soul” and “Hereafter” are two profound films that will remind us of the purpose of this life and our true focus.

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