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Jesus was Vegetarian, Part 3 of 3: Reviving the Vegan Ethos in Today’s Christianity

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Once the wheel of karmic consequence is already turned on, it’s very difficult to stop. It has to go through its course. GO TOTAL VEGAN. It’s like if you make a mistake you go south, but you wanted actually to go north, and just U-turn and go back to the north. U-turn now when you still can. Begin a new life. I promise to intervene with Heaven on your behalf.


Welcome to “Jesus Was Vegetarian, Part 3, Reviving the Vegan Ethos in Today’s Christianity”. After learning about the pro-vegetarian philosophies in part 1 and the change to a compromised pro-meat attitude in part 2, it is time for the weighing up of these two gospel traditions.

In alignment with the proposed timeline of Earth history according to Genesis, meat-eating was unknown for 2200 years, from time of the Creation up to the Great Flood. Then people started eating flesh, which lasted for another 3300 years, bringing us to the time of Jesus’s birth. According to 1 John 3:8-9, “the reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work.” It is also pointed out by Saint Jerome or Hieronymus that the devil’s work was meat-eating: “Jesus Christ, who appeared when the time had been fulfilled, has again joined the end with the beginning, so that it is no longer allowed for us to eat animal meat.


God must have been heartbroken to see Hiers children, who are helpless, and getting weaker, sicker, and being victimized under maya’s control, without knowing the truth. Perhaps, even more heart-wrenching is to know that the poor animals that Hes created for Hiers children as companions, are being tortured, mistreated, then mindlessly eaten by Hiers children. Lord Jesus did His best to teach people to be kind to their neighbors. However, His stay was too short. He was arrested and crucified after a confrontation in the temple, where He disrupted the buying and selling of animals that were being purchased for slaughter. This was the precipitating event that caused His arrest, thus ending His mission.


And now 2000 years have passed. Based on Mr. Bean’s research, there are several neo-Essene type groups that have formed, published books, and even have websites. They are interested in the Jewish roots of Christianity. James believes that their intentions are sincere and that they are onto something important, but he disagrees with the use of the word “Essene”, instead preferring “Ebionite”, since it refers specifically to followers of Jesus and his successors, what some call the Hebrew Christians. Whatever the correct terminology might be, we thank them for keeping the compassionate vegetarian diet in their current practice of the Christian faith. Their trust in, and loyalty to God, help guide the misguided brothers and sisters towards the true path to Almighty God while God is working with all Hiers power to break the karmic chains designed by maya and to set Hiers children free.


The good news is that many Christian scholars have concluded that vegetarianism is the most ethical way to live and is more consistent with the spirit of Christ’s teachings. Many Christian groups since the time of Christ have practiced vegetarianism. Among the modern groups, the Seventh-Day Adventist are currently the most well-known. The Seventh-Day Adventists, a Protestant Christian denomination, are distinguished by their observance of Saturday, the seventh day of the week in Christian and Jewish calendars, as the Sabbath and their belief in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. For the Seventh-day Adventists, the Second Coming of Christ is the blessed hope of the church, the grand climax of the gospel. The Savior’s coming will be literal, personal, visible, and worldwide. They describe the prediction: “When He returns, the righteous dead will be resurrected, and together with the righteous living will be glorified and taken to heaven, but the unrighteous will die.” It is also mentioned in Matthew 3:11 (King James Bible): “I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but He that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire.” Undoubtedly, it makes sense to believe that the second coming, Jesus's promised return to Earth, is for the unfinished task – destroy the devil’s work and rescue His children.


Attentive viewers, we will be right back after this meaningful message. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television.


Welcome back, loving viewers. Just like many human heroes who are standing up for animal justice on Earth, with unconditional love, the world-renowned humanitarian and spiritual Master, Supreme Master Ching Hai is defending humans’ right to justice in Heaven. Supreme Master Ching Hai stated maya should be the one to blame and should be the one to go to hell, instead of human beings, because maya created this chaotic and cruel world and all the traps, including eating of meat, into which many fall. On October 1, 2017, Supreme Master Ching Hai shared good news from Heaven, that all the mechanisms controlling this world had been smashed. The souls will never again be caught or trapped by the vicious cycle of reincarnation. On November 24, 2019, there was more exciting news. Our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai had successfully locked maya up in hell forever, with the help of all the Godses and all the Universal Beings Who put all Their power together to make it happen. The only drawback, Supreme Master Ching Hai said, “From now on, whatever any being does on this planet, is their own responsibility. There is no excuse anymore. Before, it’s the maya who’s driven and making trouble and tempting you and deluding you, so if you do something wrong, there is some excuse to forgive.” The prophecies in the Holy Bible have been fulfilled as stated in Revelation 20:1-6: “He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan, and bound him for a thousand years.”


The year 2020 is so far turning out to be a very special year. Within two months, Supreme Master Ching Hai sent four urgent messages to the world. The first one, on February 6, called for a global prayer every Sunday to pray for a vegan world. “Heaven is angry. Earth is angry. Nature is angry, waiting, waiting for us to return to our original loving, kind nature, as God intended us to have. Waiting for us to exercise this power to save others and to save ourselves and our family. Hell is inevitable if we do not change our way of life. Help the planet. Rescue the animals. Save our world. Be a hero. We are going to pray together. If you believe in justice, even if you can’t be vegan at this point, just pray to be soon. Pray for World Vegan. Join us, please, to meditate every Sunday, 9 o’clock in the evening [Hong Kong time]. Our prayers are going to be powerful because it’s backed by Heavens and Saints and God Power. I made sure of that. It has tremendous power, never before known to humankind. Please tell also your family members, your friends, your acquaintances, whomever you know to pray with us, for a vegan world. It’s good for them also.”

Master further explained during a phone call with a member of the Supreme Master Television team on April 17, 2020, “Once the wheel of karmic consequence is already turned on, it’s very difficult to stop. It has to go through its course. GO TOTAL VEGAN. It’s like if you make a mistake you go south, but you wanted actually to go north, and just U-turn and go back to the north.

On February 22, the second urgent message went to people who are exploiting animals: “U-turn now when you still can. Begin a new life. I promise to intervene with Heaven on your behalf. ”

On March 2, 2020, the third urgent message was out for all religious and spiritual leaders: “As great spiritual leaders, You would also be aware of the devastation occurring on our planet, directly related to accelerated climate change caused by humans’ cruel behaviors and brutal habits, which is not so difficult to change once applying the principle of love. Please tell Your believers this truth. Tell them that we must change. Please teach this again and again to Your trusting followers.”

On March 24, 2020, the fourth urgent message was addressed to all world leaders and governments: “It’s all only one answer: the VEGAN DIET, the VEGAN WORLD, that will rescue our planet and secure lasting peace for all beings on Earth. You have the power to stop all this. You have the privilege to IMPLEMENT VEGAN LAW, NO MORE ANIMAL RELATED SUFFERING BUSINESSES. And this VEGAN LAW IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO SAVE OUR WORLD.” Something very important is taking place. It is the call to all the lost sheep to come home. Please do return to compassionate living. The world, messed up by maya, will be set back in order by our benevolent Lord. As it states in John 20:29, “Blessed are those who do not see but believe”.


Lastly, we hope with all our hearts that you come forward to join us in building a peaceful and harmonious planet where the lamb can lie alongside the lion, finally fulfilling this prophecy. Join the Sunday global prayer with us, to pray for God’s grace and a vegan world to come soon.

For more information on the booklet “Evidence That Jesus and The Original Aramaic Christians Were Vegetarians – Uncovering A Vegetarian Jesus at the Beginning of Christianity, By James Bean” Please visit: SupremeMasterTV.com/JamesBean-Evidence-Jesus-was-vegetarian.pdf or email james@spiritualawakeningradio.com



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