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For the Love of Animals: Australia’s Honorable Mark Pearson (vegetarian), Part 3 of 3

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Many experts concur that COVID-19 is a zoonotic disease, a virus originating in animals and then transferred to humans. Mark, a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion laureate believes that to prevent future pandemics, all forms of animal abuse, including the raising of billions of animals each year for slaughter, must stop. Mr. Pearson sees coronavirus as a “wake-up call” for humans to change the way we treat animals. "So the world would change I think for animals and for this whole movement of waking up and becoming aware of our responsibilities to the Earth and to all with whom we share the Earth. If we make it sick, we no longer have a symbiotic relationship with the Earth, the Earth says, 'Now you are an invader. You make me sick. I'm sending you away.' And this could all be part of it as well. So, I think your movement, the movement that the Master (Supreme Master Ching Hai) is driving is extremely important because it's visionary and it's about compassion, it's about inclusiveness, and it's about a new way of seeing our relationship with the world, and with the Earth." In addition to the current pandemic, another crisis the world is facing is climate change. According to the United Nations and many global experts, the fastest and most efficient way to halt climate change is through widespread adoption of a vegan lifestyle. Mark explains further. "And we have to move away from eating and consuming animals. So, compared to all the transport around the world, including planes and everything, animal agriculture was more of a contributor to global warming…" At the conclusion of our interview, the Honorable Mark Pearson wanted to share these final words with our global audience. "Moving towards a plant-based diet and embracing a plant-based diet will bring the ultimate peace to this World. Adopt a vegetarian diet, be vegan, to save this planet." The Honorable Mark Pearson, many thanks for your courage and tireless efforts to protect our animal co-inhabitants. May you be abundantly blessed by Providence for all the wonderful work you do.
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